[VIDEO] These Dogs Mastered The Path Of Least Effort


The dogs in this video have all mastered the path of least effort.  And that’s not a bad thing.  It’s just efficient use of energy. 🙂  Actually, the first dog in the video simply doesn’t want to leave the park, and he KNOWS that his owner cannot pick him up because he is a big dog.  He’s just postponing the trip home.  The second dog is our version of having “breakfast in bed”.  Stay in the most comfortable position while you eat.  What’s wrong with that?  The dog sliding down the stairs have simply invented another way to have fun, the way dogs often do.  And the dog that lets the Roomba move around him has gotten so accustomed to the robot’s noise and movement.  Then there’s the dog who defines “catch” in a whole different way.  It’s almost as if he’s playing catcher.  Why run when you can do the job just as effectively lying down?

The dog that doesn’t respond to Frisbee probably just doesn’t find that game very interesting.  Or he hasn’t gotten the idea of what to do with the Frisbee yet.  Some dogs are really into it, and they can fly high in the air to catch the Frisbee.  The Corgi receiving the massage is relaxed into a zombie.  This little one knows how to relax.  And that’s the best way to benefit from a massage.  For dogs and humans.  The dog that’s lying very comfortably on the floor is just a few inches from a treat that’s right in front of him  He is too comfortable to move, so he just barks and have his owner move the treat closer to him.  Now, THIS is using available resources efficiently.  And the very last dog is Winston the Bulldog who’s too comfortable to go for a walk.   When his Mom asked him, “Do you want to go for a walk?”  he snorted in response.  I hope you are entertained by these dogs who obviously have a great sense of humor and an efficient way of using people around them. 🙂


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