[VIDEO] A Golden Retriever Puppy Who Is Always Happy


The Golden Retriever puppy in this video is always happy.  His name is Hongtae.  At the filming of this video, Hongtae is 2 months old.  Watch the way he runs.  He is simply happy with himself.   And the way his ears flop around when he runs, it’s just fun to watch.

Hongtae is not afraid of height.  Look how he leaps from the bench to the floor.  It’s a good distance for this little puppy.  He did not think twice.  You can just tell this is an adventurous soul.  I especially like how he drinks water out of a glass instead of from a bowl.  And he doesn’t spill the water.  Great job, Hongtae!

Enjoy spending these lovely moments with this 2-months-old Golden Retriever puppy.


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