[VIDEO] Puppy Simba Getting Bottle Fed


The puppy in this video is getting bottle fed.  His name is Simba.  At the end of the video, we’ll see why this name is so appropriate for this pup.  It’s watching an adorable puppy enjoying his lunch from a bottle.   The way he waves his arms around, it’s almost as if he’s trying to hold the bottle himself.  And he keeps licking instead of drinking from the bottle.  Maybe Simba hasn’t gotten a handle on this bottle fed idea.

When his parent moves the bottle away, Simba tries to touch his feet with his arms.  And pretty good at it.  When he finishes feeding, he tries to turn over on his side by himself.  Look at the way Mom holds him up.  Who does he remind you of?

Enjoy watching Simba enjoying lunch from a bottle.


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