[VIDEO] 4-Weeks-Old Puppy Learning To Be Service Dog


The 4-weeks-old puppy in this video is already learning to be a service dog someday.  Opening doors, turning on lights, delivering packages are just part of the training.   The video starts filming this puppy at 4 weeks old, learning to push button, tug.  At 4 1/2 weeks old, this puppy learns to press a button that opens a door, pulls a door open with ropes, pulls off someone’s socks.

At 5 weeks, the puppy learns to turn on the light switch.  At 6 1/2 to 7 weeks, this puppy knows how to pull down a zipper using a string.  At 8 weeks, this puppy can already pull open a refrigerator door, picks up a package and takes it up the stairs.  At 11 weeks, this pup can take socks out of the dryer.  This is a labor of love,

Enjoy watching this devoted puppy already learning to be a service dog at 4 weeks.


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