[VIDEO] Toddler Tells Samoyed Coco How She Feels


The toddler in this video tells her Samoyed, Coco, how she feels about her.   The toddler is Bella.  She wraps her arms around Coco and says “I love you.”  Bella loves attention.  Even so, her body language seems to convey she may prefer a little bit of space.  But she adores children, and is very tolerant, especially her toddler friend.  So she sits there and let Bella kiss her and hug her.

Actually Coco kisses Bella back.  Even licks Bella’s hand.  Bella makes a blowing sound like those that parents make when they play with their children, like blowing on their tummy.  So lovely that Bella is spreading the love she receives from her parents.

Enjoy this lovely moment between Bella and Coco.


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