[VIDEO] A Hungarian Sheepdog Looking Like A Mop


The dog in this video is a Hungarian Sheepdog (Komondor), but doesn’t he look like a mop here?  Whoever films this video (or stages this video) has a sense of humor.   A “wet floor” sign was placed right next to the door.  And a stick was positioned in such a way that it SEEMS you are looking at a mop.   Then someone knocks on the door, and the mop comes to life.   Actually sometimes this breed is referred to as “mop dog”.  That makes sense.  They have a natural instinct to guard livestock.  And also property.  Their temperament is gentle, calm, independent, affectionate, fearless.  I think this video is a really good demonstration of why they are also called the “mop dog.”  🙂

Enjoy watching this really short, humorous video.

Image source:  i.ytimg


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