[VIDEO] A Man Sings His Puppies To Sleep


The man in this video sings his puppies to sleep.  Remember the movie “Three Men And A Baby”?   Well, it works in that movie, and it works with these puppies.

The puppies were feeling a bit fussy before bedtime.  The melody and this man’s voice soothe the little ones.  And soon…we’re talking within a minute…they settle down and ready to rest for the night.

What is it about the melody of Good Night Sweetheart?  Is it the tempo that little ones respond to?  I notice lullabies do not have a wide octave range.  They seem to use notes within 1 octave, or around there.  Could it be that the less variety, the calmer it is to the audience?

Enjoy watching the power of a lullaby, even for puppies…


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