[VIDEO] No Such Thing As A Bored Corgi Puppy


There is no such thing as a bored Corgi puppy.  This video is filled with proof.

A Corgi is adventurous.  If it looks interesting, go for it.  Proof:  The scene with the puppy making a leap for something on the coffee table.

A Corgi will befriend any thing.  Proof:  The scene with the puppy having a monologue with a pumpkin.  Proof:  The scene with the puppy befriending a plastic soda bottle.

What a Corgi considers fun:  Belly flops–in the snow or in the lake.  Carpet rides.  Chasing your own leash.  Bouncing down the stairs like a kangaroo.  If it looks like FUN, do it!

Enjoy this fun video filled with happy Corgi’s.


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