[VIDEO] Misa Minnie Helps To Train Brody Brixton


Remember Misa Minnie the Yorkie who knows a ton of tricks?  She has a brother–a French Bulldog named Brody Brixton, who is following in his sister’s paw steps in learning skills

In this video meet Misa Minnie’s new little brother–a 13-weeks-old French Bulldog puppy named Brody Brixton.  He’s only started learning these tricks for 1 or 2 weeks at this filming.  Look how much progress he’s already made.

Misa and Brody’s human mom uses positive reinforcement to train them.  Praises and treats.  Misa is already a therapy dog.  Brody may be headed in the same direction.

See Misa Minnie in the back?  She’s trying to help her brother learn.  What a helpful sis!

Enjoy the video.





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