[VIDEO] A Most Charming Teddy Bear Puppy

video charming teddy bear puppy

Just listen to that sweet voice!   It melts our heart to hear this little one communicate with that cute little voice on her first day home.  And that paw wave at the end of the video is just the cutest!   This puppy seems perhaps a bit shy, staying close to her parent’s leg, almost half hiding.  Already she knows where to go to feel safe.  That’s a good thing to find out on a first day in a new environment.  According to Mini Teddy Bear Puppies, teddy bear dogs are typically a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise.  Some call them Shichon or Zuchon.  They are really cute beings. If you are thinking about getting one, here are some things to know before you do.

What are Teddy Bear dogs like?

They are among the most loyal and loving dogs, and is called a “super companion” dog, which means they need YOU as their companion.  YOU are their best friend.  You are the most important person in their life.  You need to consider if you want to be this kind of companion for your dog.  If you are away from home a lot, and you cannot take your dog with you, it’s probably best to leave this breed to someone who is often able to stay with the dog.  It is nice to know that our dogs need our company as much as we need theirs, though.

Dog bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

As teddy bear dogs get older, their walk turns into a run.  When you go for a walk, instead of “walking” they seem to want to test how fast they can run.  Testing their ability.   And of course experiencing the wonderful freedom of running!   A retractable leash on a harness would be a good idea.  The retractable leash allows them to savor their freedom of running without YOU having to do just as much exercise yourself.  Use a harness instead of a collar with teddy bear dogs.  Being on the small side, it’s nice to protect that tiny little neck by using a harness, so when they dash away, they won’t accidentally injure their neck if the leash is on their collar.   You can read more about teddy bear dogs here.

Enjoy watching this charming teddy bear puppy’s first day home.

Article source:  Mini Teddy Bear Puppies


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