[VIDEO] Teddy Bear Puppy Shu With Her Fur Siblings

video teddy bear dog Shu

This video is a compilation of Shu’s photos, along with her other very lovely siblings.   Even though Shu has been referred to by some as a teddy bear dog, I read that Shu is a Toy Poodle.  A teddy bear dog often means the dog is part Bichon Frise.

Since 3 of Shu’s siblings are also Toy Poodles, I assume she is purely poodle.  Shu was born February of 2016, so she is still a puppy.  She has 5 fur siblings.  Bibi is a Maltese.  Shasha, Ruru, and El are Toy Poodles.  Petit is a Chihuahua.   If you want to see their photos, you can click here .

Characteristics of Poodles

Toy Poodles are very smart and very trainable.  They are “thinking” dogs, and pay attention to their owners.  They learns quickly, and responds very well to positive training methods.  They don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time.  After all, they are companion dogs, and that works both ways!   They keep you company; you keep them company.  They can actually get anxious if left alone too long.

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Mental stimulation makes them happy.  They are “thinking” dogs, remember?  Even a game of hide and seek would please them, or ask them to fetch a particular toy by name. That’s mentally stimulating.

Most Toy Poodles make good watch dogs because they have a sharp bark at the door.  Around strangers, they can be reserved.  It doesn’t mean they aren’t friendly though.

Another thing they appreciate is routine.  Because they learn patterns so quickly, they can anticipate what’s next.  And if we change things around, they can get a little flustered.  You can make it easier on them when you switch routine by doing so gradually, so it’s hardly noticieable to them.  You can learn more about them here.  Enjoy these few moments with Shu and her other beautiful furry siblings.

Article source:   Jessica Norton on AwesomenessTV

Article source:  Your Pure Bred Puppy


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