[VIDEO] A Peek Into The Everyday Life Of A Pug


This video allows us to peek into the everyday life of a pug.  Well, this particular one anyway.  But I have a feeling that many pugs share the daily habits of the one in this video.  For example, sun-bathing.  This hobby is not limited to pugs.  My Corgi friends love this too.  Then there’s sleeping with their eyes “open.”  Are they really taking their “watch-dog” responsibility that seriously?

The snoring!  That’s my favorite thing about pugs.  Unless you are trying to fall asleep in the same room as one, that is. 🙂   Then there’s the sitting like a human.  I notice that about some Bulldogs too.  Maybe it is the way their body is designed.  It doesn’t seem to bother them.  In fact, they look rather comfortable in that position.

Enjoy watching the many humorous scenes of this Pug.  Perhaps it reminds you of YOUR dog.

Image source:  Gabrial Saldana on Flickr


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