[VIDEO] A Talkative American Bulldog

video of Talkative American bulldog

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a conversation with this Bulldog like the man is doing in this video?  And it sounds very much like a real conversation.  The Bulldog is Bentley.  He is the talkative one.

There are 2 other Bulldogs—Dakota and Grace.  They are not as well-mannered as Bentley, who sits politely in his chair while talking to his Dad.  Another Bulldog actually climbs onto the lunch table to interact with Dad.  Perhaps Bentley was objecting to that!  This household must never have a dull moment with vocal Bentley.

Characteristics of American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs love people, according to Pet Guide.  They have been known to protect their families with heroic acts.  They may bark when they see a stranger approaching.  But once they realize that there is no concern to be alert, they’ll introduce themselves to the stranger. Even though they love people, this is a dog that probably will be happy to be the only pet in the house.

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Usually it’s best to not have cats in the same household.  If there’s already another dog in the house, and you really want to have an American Bulldog, bring them home when they are puppies.  And even then, they may have problem with a dog of the same gender. If you are getting your dog from a breeder, you can ask the breeder about the individual personality, as that varies from person to person.  Sometimes breeders have cats in their household for the purpose of helping their puppies become familiar with cats, so they can go home with families that already have cats.

This is an active dog.  If you are thinking about adopting an American Bulldog, make sure you can provide the time to exercise them.  They need to exercise outside for an hour or two everyday.  You can take them walking, jogging, chasing ball, obedience class, or some farm work.  They may not be the best for apartment living because they do need some room to run around.  The ideal situation is a fenced yard or a farm or rural area.  You can read more about this breed here.

Enjoy listening to the conversation between this man and Bentley the American Bulldog.  If you enjoy this video, here is one of Talking Dog Clark G.

Article source: Pet Guide


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