[VIDEO] A Very Cute Teacup French Bulldog Puppy


This is a video of a very cute teacup French Bulldog puppy.  Just lovely, isn’t he?  Imagine having a teacup size puppy running around your home.  An article by Posh Pocket Pups advise new owners to learn to shuffle as they walk until their tiny puppies learn to not walk in front of their owners or between their legs.  So practice having your feet not lose touch with the floor.  A small price to pay for having such a precious little one in your home.  Some owners attach jingle bells to the puppy’s harness (never a collar) so they know where the puppy is at all times.  You can read more here.

I researched characteristics of Teacup French Bulldogs.  For some reason, I only see information for French Bulldogs, so I wonder if Teacup share similar characteristics as French Bulldog, which would be adaptable, smart, and playful.  I haven’t seen too many videos of a teacup French Bulldog.  This is rare footage.

Enjoy a few moments watching this teacup French Bulldog puppy.

Article source:  Posh Pocket Pups


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