[VIDEO] A Very Good Day In This Cairn Terrier’s Life

video Cairn Terrier puppy having fun

This video shows a very good day in the life of this Cairn Terrier.  Her name is Coco.  At this filming Coco was around 2 years old.  Even though originally, the Cairn Terrier was bred for hunting, today he lives happily in apartments or the surburbs.  This is a very intelligent dog, able to learn anything we teach them, according to Cairn Terrier.org.

What are Cairn Terriers like?

It’s good to give them training that challenges them because of their high intellect.  Not a lot of repetition, for they learn quickly. They need their exercise, the longer the walk, the more they love it. If you happen to live in an area that has cold winters, you might encourage him to play ball indoor, so when the cold weather comes, he would be just as happy getting his energy out chasing a ball indoor.

If you have a yard that is not fenced, consider building one when you have a Cairn Terrier.  They will chase after squirrels and other interesting creatures that run.

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And if you are unable to have a fenced yard, just be sure to use a leash when they are outdoor.  Cairn Terriers are independent by nature, although no two dogs are the same, just like humans. Even if they are happy to sit on your lap, they are likely to stay for just a little while, then jump off and explore.

Because they have a sturdy body, large feet, well, basically a strong dog in a small body, they are okay playing with children.  And they really like children.  Even if a child accidentally steps on him, he is forgiving.   However, do supervise all interactions between children and puppies, and show children how to approach and respect dogs.  And by the way, if you have a beautifully manicured yard with prized flowers, you might want to keep your Cairn Terrier away from your garden.  They have strong nails, and really like to dig with them.  You can read more about Cairn Terriers here.  Enjoy watching Coco’s very comfortable lifestyle.

Article source:  CairnTerrier.org


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