[VIDEO] Mama Dog Fostering Kittens

video mama dog fostering kittens

See how protective this dog is with the kittens?  This mama dog takes her fostering job seriously.  Her name is Mary.  Listening to the conversation in this video,  The woman is explaining Mary’s attitude toward her role as foster mom to these kittens, who were brought in just a day ago.

The  woman is feeding the kittens, and as soon as the woman is done, Mary is right there to take the kitten back inside the crate.  In fact, she didn’t even wait for the last kitten to finish her feeding, she was so eager to have the kids with her in the nest.  Twice, Mary tries to take the kitten from the woman while the kitten is still eating.

Dogs fostering kittens and puppies

The woman said that she took 2 kittens to do something with them.   Mary got extremely anxious that 2 of the kittens were gone.   When the woman brought back the kittens, Mary was on cloud 9.  See how she licks them, just like a mama cat would.  Having one species foster another is not uncommon.  Cats have fostered puppies.  Dogs have fostered kittens and other animals.

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In one story, a mama dog had just said goodbye to her puppies when her parents went on vacation and left her in the care of a boarding place.  In the same area was a puppy who lost his mama and was whimpering all night.   The mama dog squeezed through her area (which was extremely narrow to get out, as there was a camera that captured this whole episode)  When the staff reviewed the video, the mama dog went straight to the crying puppy, and even though there was wires between her and the pup, slept right next to the pup to keep him company.

It was because of this touching scene that the staff moved the mama dog to the same space as the puppy so she could be with a puppy, and the puppy could feel comforted by this loving mama.  When the mama dog went home with her family, the staff took turn bringing the puppy home so he has company at night.   What a sweet story!  Enjoy watching this heart-warming video of a most loving dog being foster mom to these kittens.


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