[VIDEO] Shih Tzu And Baby Relaxing Together

video shih tzu Abba relaxing with baby

In this sweet video, we see Abba the Shih Tzu and his beloved baby friend Adelyn relaxing together.  The baby’s face says quite a bit about their relationship.  She looks so calm and relaxed. And later in the video she was smiling at the camera.  Abba is so calm with Adelyn.  Who is influencing whom?

Sometimes it feels like dogs and babies have similar energy.  There is an inner calmness about them.  It makes sense that a dog who knows how to be around baby can help to co-create this peaceful atmosphere when they are together.  Imagine what Adelyn’s childhood is like growing up with this kind of bond with Abba from an early age.

Benefits of children growing up with dogs

Rebecca Desfosse writes in Pet Centric some of the psychological and physical benefits that children get when they grow up with a dog.  For example, children have access to constant companionship when they live with a dog.  Look at Adelyn and Abba.  That dog is not going anywhere.

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If one day Adelyn gets upset about something, Abba is right there, helping her to reduce her momentary stress.  And when Adelyn gets older, she might be given the responsibility of feeding Abba and taking him for a walk.  She would also learn about empathy and compassion more easily, needing to pay attention to what Abba needs or what he’s trying to communicate.  There’s research that indicate children who grow up with dogs have less risk of getting allergies.  In fact, Rebecca also writes that there’s research that shows babies growing up with a pet the first year of their life seems to improve the babies’ developing immune system.  You can read more about this topic here.  Enjoy this relaxing moment that Abba and Adelyn are sharing with each other.

Article source:  Pet Centric


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