[VIDEO] Abba The Shih Tzu Is Best Friend With His Stuffed Toy

video Shih Tzu Abba playing with toy dog

In this video, we see lovely Abba the Shih Tzu being best friend with her stuffed animal.  Her toy’s name is Juno.  It looks as if Abba believes Juno is a live doggie playmate.  While she licks Juno, she also rough-house with him.  Abba always wins.

Dina Fantegrossi shares some interesting theories in Bark Post about the toys that different dog breeds are attracted to.  For example, who likes the squeaky toy?  Who likes to chase tennis balls?  Who likes to chew sticks?  She suggests that dogs who like squeaky toys are following an instinct to hunt.  The pouncing, the attack, the noise remind them of their genetic impulse to hunt.

How to choose the right toys for your dog

If your dog is someone who goes the extra mile and chew up the toy to get to the squeaker, supervise her playtime.  This is something that can get caught in their throat.  Or if they successfully swallow it, it could get stuck in their GI tract.

Furhaven Dog Playpen
Furhaven Dog Playpen

Then there are some dogs who like to carry a soft stuffed toy in their mouth, with a loose grasp on it.  They will walk around the house with it, lick it, snuggle with it.  Dina thinks that Labradors and Retrievers tend to like soft plush toys because in their job as retrievers, they bring back the duck to their human, but being careful to present the duck in good shape.  That’s why they have a gentle grasp with their jaws.

It is possible that a dog who likes to sleep with a plush toy and mouthing it with affection could have been separated from their mother and siblings before they were completely done weaning.  Dog moms who lost their pups or had false pregnancies may also use a plush animal as if it’s their pup. This makes logical sense.  You can read about more dog breeds and their possible preferred toys here.  If you have experience to share on this topic, please comment on the bottom of this page.

Article source:  Dina Fantegrossi on Bark Post


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