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A vocal Pomeranian puppy

Listen to the vocal Pomeranian puppy in this video.  She holds her own very well, when she was responding to the man in the video.  While this puppy is very young, already she is displaying a characteristic of Pomeranian.  They can bark a lot.  They can be suspicious of strangers, which is a good reason to socialize them as early as possible to a variety of people, sounds, sights, experiences, so they have practice discerning who are the good guys.  Pomeranians are small. And tiny dogs come with special care.  One of them is attention to temperature.

How to take care of a Pomeranian

Pomeranians do not do well in heat and humidity, according to Dog Time.  They can get overheated, even have heat stroke.  If your Pom is outdoor, watch her closely.  If she shows any signs of overheating, immediately bring her indoor.

These are definitely not dogs to stay outside all day.  Remember the movie The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds?  There’s a scene where Betty White’s dog was carried off by a hawk.  That was a Samoyed, much larger than a Pomeranian.

Dog bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

They weren’t kidding about small dogs being prey to birds.  And not just hawks and eagles and owls, but also coyotes and other wild animals.  If you live in an area with wild animals, do not leave your Pomeranian outside alone.  They actually can get carried off by a hawk.  Another factor to care about in the Pomeranian is being around children.  They are good with children.  But are children good with them?  Perhaps it’s best not to match them with families who have very young children.  They don’t yet know how to handle dogs, especially one so delicate.  You can read more about caring for a Pomeranian here.

Enjoy listening to this Pomeranian puppy voicing her strong opinion.

Article source:  Dog Time


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