[VIDEO] Pomeranian Making A Baby Laugh

video pomeranian making baby laugh

How lucky is this baby to have a Pomeranian friend who loves to keep him laughing.  And it seems she is doing it on purpose, pretending to get the baby’s hand.  But of course being very careful with her teeth.  Notice the deliberate soft touch the Pom has when the baby’s hand is in her mouth.  Her teeth never close down.  It’s just to keep the baby laughing.

According to Pet Pom, the size of a Pomeranian is quite perfect for young children because when they learn to walk the dog, the tiny dog would not be pulling the children.  On the other side of the coin, a toy dog is rather fragile.  They are not ones that will wrestle and tumble like sturdier dogs.  So children have to be taught how to gently handle their friends at an early age.

What are Pomeranians like?

Pomeranians are lap dogs.  They love being with their family.  It’s not like they need to sit on your lap all the time, but they appreciate being close to you.  They can play independently too, but at the end of the day, they do want to be near you.  They are loyal and loving.

Even though they are inside dogs, Pomeranians like to explore new scents and meet new people.  So do take them outside everyday so they can explore and have new experiences.

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They like routines.  it’s as if they have an inner clock.  They like to be fed at the same time, groomed at the same time, and have their teeth cleaned at the same time everyday.

If the time comes and no one shows, Poms can feel stressed, and that’s when they bark.  They are not yappers like many think they are.

When bedtime comes, Pomeranians may very well like to sleep next to you.  When they are puppies, you might make some special arrangement because they are so tiny that if you roll over in the middle of the night, they can be hurt.

You can read more about Pom’s temperament here.

Enjoy the playtime between this Pomeranian and a 5-months-old baby.

Article source:  Pet Pom


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