[VIDEO] Airedale Terrier Puppies Having Fun

video airedale terrier puppies playing

The Airedale Terrier puppies in this video are curious about the play equipment their parents are building for them.  One is already figuring out how to climb on those equipment.  Another is simply biting it just because it’s the right size for his mouth.  If you are thinking about getting an Airedale Terrier, there are some things to know about this breed.

They need a lot of exercise because they were bred originally for active work.  This means a long walk everyday, according to Dog Breed Info.  They like to play with a ball or swim or retrieve something for you.  If they don’t get enough exercise or attention, they get bored and get themselves into trouble.  The exercise requirement becomes less after the first 2 years.  But it can be a lot of work for the owner the first two years.

Some characteristics of Airedale Terrier

The Airedale is not meant to live in apartments.  They are active indoor.  So you’ll need at least an average-sized yard for them.  Even though they are fine with children if they get early exposure, they might play a bit too rough for the very young children.

Pet Drinking Fountain
Pet Drinking Fountain

When they are puppies, Airedale’s are playful and fun-loving.  This is a hunting dog, which means if you are taking him for a walk, he needs to be on a leash.  Otherwise when he sees a chipmunk, off he goes.

They are very intelligent, so they would do well with advanced obedience training.  Airedale’s are responsive, and will know quickly what you want of him.  Just keep the training interesting, or he might get bored.  They can do well in defense dog trials.  They are usually okay with house cats and other animals.  It is possible that some of them try to dominate other dogs.  This depends on the individual dog, and also depends on how the human treats the dog.  You can learn more about the Airedale Terriers here.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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