[VIDEO] English Bulldog Puppies Play Fighting

English Bulldog puppies playfighting

This is the most adorable video of 2 English Bulldog puppies trying to act tough.  They are play biting and play growling at each other.  But who can take them seriously when they wave their paw?   After a couple of rounds of mock wrestling, they already forgot what they were arguing about.

Dog bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

Puppies not only mouth (bite) each other, they do the same with us too!  Amber Johnson writes about this topic in Pet Premium.  Amber shares that when puppies bite their siblings too hard, their siblings would yelp to let them know that they were too rough.  The puppy uses this feedback for his future behavior.

How to train a puppy to stop biting us

When we play with puppies who just came home, it’s probably tempting to let them do what they want because they are so young and so cute.  Yet, it is actually a good idea to start training a puppy about this behavior so when he becomes an adult, he would not be biting.

Amber suggests that when your puppy bites you too hard, yelp like his siblings would to let him know that he’s hurt you.  Then let your arm or hand go limp to convey that you are hurt.  This is the equivalence of his siblings letting him know he has been too rough.  The pup needs this feedback from you to adjust his future behavior.

The puppy may then lick your hand. Praise him immediately for this gentle behavior.  Actually whenever they behave nicely as you want them to, praise praise praise.

And if the pup starts mouthing when you are sitting down to watch TV or doing something else, just get one of his favorite chew toys for him to chew on.  Everytime he starts mouthing you, give him his chew toy instead of your hand.  Now you are training him to mouth the chew toy instead of you.  You can read Amber’s article here.  If you enjoy this video, here’s another one of English Bulldog puppies for your enjoyment.

Article source:  Amber Johnson on Pet Premium


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