[VIDEO] Little Girl Snuggling With Her Beagles

video little girl snuggling with Beagle dogs

In this video, Laura Olivia is giving hugs to Charlie the Beagle and the puppy.  If you are unfamiliar with Charlie the Beagle, he was with the family before Laura Olivia was born.  From Day 1, Charlie looks after Laura Olivia as his own little girl, and does everything he knows how to please her.

In other videos, Charlie has brought one toy after another to her when she was crying in order to soothe her.  He even used his paws to gently rock her cradle when she was a baby.  He would play toss the balloon with her using his nose.  He even brings clean diapers to Laura Olivia’s mom when she is changing the baby.  There is nothing Charlie would not do for his little human girl.  In his eyes, his little girl.

Preparing a dog for the arrival of a baby

Laura Olivia’s parents have done a beautiful job of creating an atmosphere of love in the family between Charlie the Beagle and their new baby girl.  They are aware that a number of wonderful family pets have to find a new home after a baby arrives because the parents may not know how to create an environment where both baby and dog can live happily ever after.

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As you watch this and other videos of Charlie the Beagle and Laura Olivia, you’ll see the harmony in their relationship.  Charlie and the puppy are part of the family, and regarded as such.

Some dog trainers suggest that preparing a dog for a change in your schedule before the baby arrives will help with the transition.  But do this gradually so he may not even feel the change.  By the time the baby arrives, he would have gotten used to your new schedule.

And if you have an item with the baby’s smell before bringing the little one home, letting your dog familiarize with the scent will also help.  If you prefer your dog to be at a distance when you are nursing the baby, you can teach your dog to do so before the baby arrives so the change is gradual and does not feel like you are replacing him.


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