[VIDEO] Amusing Things These English Bulldog Puppies Do


The English Bulldog puppies in this video do some pretty amusing things.  It is a compilation of different puppies.

One of the best part about this video is listening to the voice of the puppies.  So turn up your volume when you watch this video.

Some of my favorite scenes are:  the puppy who got into his doggie bed upside down and barked when he couldn’t see out the bed.    Another is the puppy who enjoys a ride on the Roomba vacuum.  It IS fun to float along the floor, isn’t it?

Then there’s the one with the Bulldog partly leaping across the couch to grab a treat.  And the puppies who twitch and talk in their sleep.  And toward the end, the pup who just plops down on his human.  Very lovely scene.

Enjoy watching and listening to these Bulldog puppies.


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