[VIDEO] Eye To Eye With A Corgi Puppy


In this video, you’ll come eye to eye with a Corgi puppy.  His name is Yoshi.  At this filming he is 13-weeks-old.

I like how the videographer gets down on the floor to film the footage of Yoshi.  After Yoshi sees the camera, he starts walking toward it.  How often do you get to see a Corgi puppy at EYE level?  This is a treat.

Then he jumps and do all that puppy stuff that’s so cute to watch.  Yoshi keeps barking in the video.  I think it’s because the camera and the videographer keep moving away from him.   I think puppies like to reach their object of attention, and it’s frustrating that the target is unattainable.

The videographer has a great way of distracting Yoshi from barking.  A tummy rub.  So simple.

Enjoy this eye-to-eye video with a Corgi pup!


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