[VIDEO] An Encouraging Dog Helps A Scared Puppy Down The Stairs


The encouraging dog in this video helps a scared puppy come down the stairs.  The video does not say if they are related.  This could be a mom and her puppy.  So let’s say this IS the mom. 🙂  What a wonderful teacher she is.  The puppy feels hesitant about going down those giant steps.  Mom goes up the stairs and walks down again, as if saying, “See, isn’t this easy?”

The puppy is not convinced yet.  So Mom goes back up the stairs and again shows the pup how effortless it is to go down the stairs.  Then she waits at the bottom of the stairs.  The puppy is more comfortable with the idea, now that Mom has demonstrated stairs are not scary.  So the little one ventures down the giant steps.  When he reaches the bottom, Mom rushed forward to cheer him on.  I think kind of like “rubbing his head”.

Enjoy watching this sweet moment.

Image source:  via AFV


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