[VIDEO] This Bulldog Snores Beautifully After An Exhausting Play Day


The Bulldog in this video is snoring beautifully after an exhausting play day.   Yes, beautiful!   That rhythmic loud snoring sound can be quite comforting, unless you are trying to fall asleep yourself in the same room.   Nevertheless, it is lovely listening to Apollo.

His dad wrote under the video that Apollo had a fun day at the beach.  That’s why he sounds like this.  Also after a long weekend of hiking and playing, Apollo can sound this way too.  A sign of playing hard!   I hear that snoring is common among Bulldogs, although not exclusively.  A friend had 3 French Bulldogs.  She said she had to go to sleep before they do, just so she can fall asleep.

Enjoy listening to Apollo’s snoring symphony.


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