[VIDEO] This Bulldog Puppy Experiencing A Stress Free Bathtime


The Bulldog puppy in this video is experiencing a stress free bathtime.  Mom gets the whole credit for this pleasant and relaxing time, which could potentially be a stressful time for many dogs.  I appreciate how Mom starts with the body first before going up to wash the head.  Very respectful of his sense of comfort.

Then Mom dries him off with a nice big towel, careful to dry his ears in a way that feels non-intrusive.  You can tell by the way she holds his chin while drying him that she has a soft and gentle approach.  The puppy was even okay with a manicure.  Then Mom wraps him in a nice soft blanket, with his stuffed animal, and caress him until he falls asleep.  This is one well-loved puppy.


Enjoy this soft and gentle video.  The music goes perfectly with this relaxing experience.


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