[VIDEO] Norbert The Dog Shows Us How To Savor Food

Norbert the dog showing his tricks

In this video, Norbert the dog shows us how to savor food.  He actually chews his food, even if it’s a tiny snack.  What a wonderful habit to develop.  Norbert is a therapy dog, and volunteers at a children’s hospital.  I can imagine a smile showing up on every child’s face when Norbert enters their room.

I remember reading that Norbert’s parents found him through PetFinder because he is so small that he needs a special home.  Norbert weighs only 3 pounds.  He’s only about 7 inches tall.  It’s a good idea to have him in a home where there’s not a lot of running traffic.  In this video, you’ll hear a certain sound effect after Norbert chews his first treat.  It’s wonderfully done.

Enjoy this very short video of watching Norbert savor every bite of his snack.


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