[VIDEO] Australian Shepherd Puppy First 8 Weeks

video Australian Shepherd puppy first 8 weeks

The Australian Shepherd puppy in this video is Rio, and we get to watch the first 8 weeks of her life before going to live with her new family in Colorado.  Looking at those early photos, who could imagine Rio looks as gorgeous as she does at 8-weeks?

Her car ride was very long.  And judging from the way her new Mom carries her in her arms, we know that Rio is going to a very loving family.  Look at the size of the crate they got her, and the comfy small puppy bed they got for Rio to keep her feeling safe and secure her first days home.  Australian Shepherds (Aussies) were bred to be a herding dog, so that instinct to herd (your family and other pets) could be a factor unless you train them that chasing or nipping at family’s members is not their job, according to Dog Time.

What are Australian Shepherds like?

Aussies are protective of their family, and need to warm up to strangers.  So starting to socialize them early on will help them become well-rounded as adults.  Invite lots of friends over, take him to a busy park, stores that allow dogs, so they become familiar with many different sights, sounds, smells.

PetPeek Fence Window for Pets
PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

Australian Shepherds need half an hour to an hour’s worth of exercise such as running, playing frisbee.   This dog needs to be in a home with a yard so they can release their high energy.

Since they are super smart, offer activities that satisfy their intelligence.  As herders, they were accustomed to thinking and making decisions.  So give them chores to do, like bringing the paper, taking clothes to the laundry basket.   They like to be active to be happy.

Regarding exercising puppies, before they are one year old, it’s best to keep them from running on hard surface such as concrete.  This will help prevent joint issues.  You can read more about them here.  Enjoy watching Rio!

Article source:  Dog Time


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