[VIDEO] Basil The French Bulldog Getting To Know His Parents


In this video, Basil the French Bulldog puppy is getting to know his parents.  His parents just picked him up and they are on their way home.  Look at those big soft eyes.  And listen to the parents squeal with delight over every action of Basil.

Basil’s dad has a beard, and this is fun for the puppy as a chew toy.  The bonding starts already in the car.  Basil kisses his new dad and licks his mom’s hand.  They don’t want him to be hungry, so they stop the car to feed him.  Basil is so tiny that when he eats from the bowl, he steps INSIDE to finish off his food.  He IS hungry!

Enjoy watching Basil get acquainted with his new parents, who love him dearly!


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