[VIDEO] Watch These Shiba Inu Puppies Kick Their Feet In Their Sleep


One of the cutest sights is watching puppies kick and twitch in their sleep.  This video is of several Shiba Inu puppies lying on their side in a row doing just that.   Watch how their paw is on the back of the one in front of them.  They just HAVE to be touching their siblings.

The puppy second from the left is the most active kicker.  And the most active twitcher.  She starts off some sort of chain reaction in her siblings.  Not all at once, but one after another, someone is twitching his head, or kicking his little leg, or moving his arm.   I like how the two puppies on the right tug their nose into the sibling right in front, as if to keep their nose warm.  So cute!

Enjoy watching these puppies kick and twitch in their sleep.  A chain reaction!


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