[VIDEO] Compilation Of Fun And Loving Friendships Between Dogs And Cats


This video is a compilation of some fun and loving friendships between dogs and cats.  Stay til the very end.  It is a very beautiful sight.  The first pair just enjoy playing with each other.  They are having fun.  The second pair is the sweetest sight.  The kitten is so fond of her puppy friend, she climbs over him and leans against him for a nap.  The hug in pair # 3 says it all.

Then there’s the extremely tolerant cat who lets a young puppy chew on her ear.  When she gets tired of all this, she just walks away.   Then there’s the puppy who lets his kitten lean against him to catch some sun.  When he lies down, the kitten flops right down on him and goes to sleep.  Then there’s the cat who stands up to knead her dog.  When she gets down, the dog catches her to prevent her from falling.  Thoughtful!

Enjoy watching these endearing friendships between dogs and cats.


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