[VIDEO] Basset Hound Meeting 3-Weeks-Old Puppies

video basset hound meeting his puppy

The 3-weeks-old Basset Hound puppies in this video are meeting Dad.  Notice how Dad responds to different puppies, and how one puppy in particular is persistent in being cozy with Dad.  Basset’s are good natured.  They usually get along with dogs and cats, and they love children.

What are Basset Hounds like?

According to Vetstreet, Basset’s are masters of getting human sympathy through their puppy eyes and body language.   If you need to say “No” to them, just don’t look in their eyes too long or you’ll change your mind.  Nature seems to favor them with that pleading facial expression and sad-looking eyes to help them get what they want.  They’ll use it to get treats, to get us to let them on the couch, which by the way, is not a good idea because of their long backs.

Dog jacket with fur safe zipper
Dog jacket with fur safe zipper

By the way, any excess weight can add potential problem to the body of a Bassett Hound.  Jumping on the sofa can cause problem on their body.  If you live in a house with a yard, make sure it is fenced well.  Basset’s live by their nose.  If they find an interesting scent, they don’t care if there are cars on the road, or if the scent comes from 10 miles away.  They’ll find a way to follow the scent.

And because they are built to hunt, you can satisfy their instinct by taking them on long walks, so they sniff and drink in all kinds of smells to their heart’s content.  You might enroll them in classes that give them opportunities to use that wonderful nose of theirs.  It’ll keep them mentally stimulated and satisfied.  You can read more about this breed here.  Enjoy watching the different interactions Dad has with his Basset Hound puppies.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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