[VIDEO] Husky Puppy Chooses Her Own Kitten From Shelter

video husky puppy chooses her own kitten

The Tamaskan Husky puppy in this video actually chooses her own shelter kitten.  It’s a lovely story.  The Tamaskan’s name is Raven.  Her Mom’s name is Christina, who has always wanted a dog and cat to grow up together, according to Julija Televiciute on Bored Panda.

What are Tamaskan Huskies like?

This very wise woman wants to make sure that her dog and cat would get along well together, so she took a brilliant step.  Raven was just a puppy, and had been with Christina for only a month. Since this is a lifetime commitment, Christina wants to make sure that Raven and the cat they’ll be adopting get along very well.  So she took Raven to a shelter, and let Raven pick out her own kitten.  Christina knows she cannot pick out a best friend for her dog, so she presents Raven with 4 kittens.

Pet Drinking Fountain
Pet Drinking Fountain

One of them took to Raven immediately.  There was an instant click between the two.  So that same day, this kitten—Woodhouse—goes to her new home with her new best friend.  The two spend a lot of time hanging out together.  In the video, you see the even celebrating birthdays with birthday hats together.  And they sleep side by side.

Tamaskan Husky puppy is a fairly new breed (since the 1980’s), according to Pet Guide, with influence from the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, and German Shepherd.  Tamaskan is very gentle, and has a wolf-like look.  They are social, like to be around people, and generally get along with children.  They form strong bond with their family.  Tamaskans are highly intelligent and active, and needs a lot of exercise.  You can read about this breed here.  Enjoy watching this wonderful story of how Raven the Tamaskan Husky picks out her own kitten from the shelter.

Article source:  Bored Panda

Article source:  Pet Guide


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