[VIDEO] Beagle Puppies Relaxing With Mom

video Beagle puppies

The Beagle puppies in this video know when to explore and when to relax.  They appreciate the softness of a couch and the coziness of a doggie bed, especially when Mom is lying in it and providing lunch.   But getting to the couch is hard work for those short little legs.  So they go back to Mom’s place for lunch, and just relax with their siblings.

What are Beagles like?

There are so many wonderful qualities about the Beagle’s temperament, according to Nicole Pajer in Cesar’s Way.  Their gentle, sweet loving nature makes them wonderful for children. These brave dogs are also fun to be around because they are very social.  And intelligent too.  If you live in a condo or apartment, Beagles would do all right, as long as you are able to provide enough exercise for them.  However, when they vocalize, they bay.  So know this in advance, in case you have neighbors that get annoyed at you for this.

Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove
Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove

Beagles are hunting dogs.  It’s best to match them with families that do not have cats, unless they are socialized early on to live together.  When you take your Beagle for a walk, you must have her on a leash because of her hunting instinct.  If she smells something worthy of her pursuit, off she goes.  If you don’t have a leash, you might spend a long time finding her.  You might consider buying some animal scent for her to track at home.  This will keep her mentally stimulated.

This is an active dog, so they need to be exercised everyday.  Also, it keeps them from getting obese, which is a potential problem for this breed.  If they follow healthy living practices, they can live 12 to 15 years.  Because of their long ears, check them from time to time to make sure there is no infection.  Signs of possible infections may be shaking their head, scratching a lot, bad smell from their ears,   You can read more about the Beagles here.

Article source:  Nicole Pajer in Cesar’s Way


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