[VIDEO] Bentley The Most Vocal Bulldog Puppy


In this video, you’ll see (hear, rather) the most vocal Bulldog puppy.  His name is Bentley.  There was another video on Bentley when he looked a little younger and wanted to be up on the couch with his mom.  He was very vocal in that video too.  Now he is a little older and is going on his first road trip.

It sounds like Bentley has some opinions to share with his mom in this video too.  There’s something about his voice that is so endearing that even his barking is not annoying.  It’s just cute.  This must be a fun household to have such a vocal puppy around.  And he doesn’t let you know just once.  He makes his point again and again.

Enjoy listening to the lovely voice of Bentley the Bulldog puppy.

Image source:  via Rickey


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