[VIDEO] Bernese Mountain Dog Takes Puppy For A Walk


This is an amusing video of a Bernese Mountain dog taking a puppy for a  walk.

At the time of this filming, the grown Bernese, Ripley, is 9-years-old.  The puppy is 11-weeks-old Hudson.  Also a Bernese.

Ripley likes to carry his own leash when he goes for a walk.  (I am always amused at such doggies.  Love their independent spirit!)  So his human parents gave him the puppy’s leash to see what he would do with it.

He took on the responsibility happily.  I find it humorous that the puppy follows in the footstep of his older brother.  He keeps wanting to get a hold of his own leash and carry it himself.

It’s a cute, light-hearted video.  Enjoy!

Image source:  Richard Gillan on Flickr


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