[VIDEO] Bernese Mountain Puppies Playing With Parents


The Bernese Mountain puppies in this video are playing with their parents.  Bernese puppies are so beautiful.  Their soft eyes come across as gentle.  Because they are.  According to Pet Wave, Bernese are sweet and affectionate dogs.  They are easy-going.  They like children and are extremely patient when children climb all over them.

They are energetic enough that they can play all day (which helps to keep children entertained).  They are also happy to relax in front of the fireplace with the family.  So Bernese is truly a family dog.  Another wonderful trait about Bernese is that they are fine with other pets.  They are polite to strangers.  And sometimes they forget their size and act like lapdogs.

Enjoy watching these energetic Bernese puppies playing with their parents.

Image source:  via Instagram


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