[VIDEO] Bernese Mountain Puppies

video spending quality time with bernese mountain puppies

This is a lovely video of a woman spending quality time with some Bernese Mountain puppies.  So peaceful.  One of the puppies is extra affectionate.  He is so happy to hug and kiss the woman, his tail keeps wagging the whole time he is nuzzling her.  This affectionate side is actually a part of the Bernese Mountain dog’s nature, according to Pet Wave.

They are sweet and easy going, and even after they become much larger dogs, still believe they are lap dogs.  They are very good with children, and do not mind at all when children climb over them.  They have the energy to play with children all day long, and are just as happy sitting by the fireplace to relax with the family.  They get along with other family pets, they are polite with strangers.  This is the perfect family dog.

Characteristics of Bernese Mountain dogs

Bernese Mountain dogs do need a lot of physical activities.  They need a yard to run around, so apartment living is not the right match for them.  They really are best suited for cold weather.  That’s what that long coat is for.  They would love to be in the snow, pulling a sled with laughing children.

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Separation anxiety can be common with the Bernese Mountain dog.  They really enjoy human companionship and don’t like to be left alone for too long.  It would be a good match if there is a stay-at-home family member.

There can be some shyness in this breed.  It is a good idea to socialize the puppy as early as possible, so that they come to associate the idea of meeting new people and new situations as fun, not something to be feared.

When training a Bernese Mountain dog, it is possible that it may take more time.  Please be patient.  Lots of encouragement and a few treats can help.  You can read more about the Bernese Mountain dog temperament here.  

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Article source:  Pet Wave


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