[VIDEO] Bernese Mountain Puppy Tastes Lemon


The Mountain Bernese Puppy in this video tastes a lemon then starts playing with it.  His name is Cavanaugh, and you can see more photos of him on Instagram.  Cavanaugh was born in January of 2016.  From the looks of it, this may be his first experience tasting a lemon.  It looks to me his initial response is “oooh, that’s not sweet!”   I wonder if the puppy pouncing is a way Cavanaugh expresses his objection to the sour taste.  I notice this behavior among puppies.  They sometimes treat inanimate objects as if they are potential playmates.  Well, after doing the puppy dance a little bit, Cavanaugh decides to give the lemon a second try.  That’s toward the end of the video.  From what I can see, it looks like he is giving it a chance, and did not back away from it like the first time.  But the video ends right there.  So I’m only guessing from the short response I saw.

Enjoy watching this lovely Mountain Bernese puppy responding to his first experience with a lemon.


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