]VIDEO] Smart Chow Chow Puppy Figures Out How To Climb Deck


The smart Chow Chow puppy in this video figures out how to climb on to the deck.  The man encourages the puppy to jump up onto the deck by scratching the puppy’s chin.  The Chow Chow wants to interact with the man more closely and wants to climb up onto the deck.  But the height really is taller than his little legs.  So he went to the end of the deck to look for an easier route.  Seeing none, he went back to the man.  The woman in the background offers a suggestion to the man.  So now, the man holds his hand in front of the puppy instead of scratching him.  The puppy has something to walk toward this time, so he position his front paws differently this time, and got up on the deck.  Success!

Enjoy watching this sweet little Chow Chow puppy make his first step onto the deck.


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