[VIDEO] BOO Enjoying Peanut Butter With A Friend


The original video showed BOO enjoying peanut butter.  However, that video has been removed by the owner.  In its place, I am showing BOO’s visit to a children’s hospital.

In this video, BOO is enjoying peanut butter with a friend.  And from the looks of it, the peanut butter tastes DE-LI-CIOUS to both of them!

I often wonder why dogs love peanut butter so much.  So I did some research on the topic.  I found an article on Mother Nature Network entitled Why Do Dogs Love Peanut Butter?

The article analyzes whether it’s the fat, sugar, or salt in peanut butter that dogs like so much.  It goes into some pretty interesting diverse views.  But the conclusion, at least the educated guess, is that peanut butter offers protein that is easily digested by dogs.

Dogs need plenty of protein to replace skin and hair.  Dogs who are working dogs need even more protein to stay healthy and active.  Besides meat, it’s hard for dogs to find high-quality, easy to digest proteins.   Lots of dog food are low-protein.  And if a dog does not have enough protein, they’ll look for it elsewhere–such as peanut butter.

Well, that was a lot of information!   But it somewhat satisfies my curiosity to understand why dogs–and BOO–are so fond of peanut butter.

Enjoy this really really short but cute video of BOO enjoying his protein with a friend.

Article source:  Mother Nature Network


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