[VIDEO] Dogs And Cats Loving Babies


The dogs and cats in this video love their human babies.  There are many scenes in this video that convey the gentleness from these dogs and cats to the young humans.

They like to snuggle with the baby, licking the baby every chance they’ve got.  It’s interesting how a few of the cats are very drawn to licking the head of the baby.  In fact, not only the cats–one of the dogs (toward the end of the video) wraps one arm around his baby and licks his head.

And when the babies get a bit rough with their furry friends, their wise and mature friends are very gentle in their response.  Actually letting the babies do whatever they please.  I wonder if they would let grown-ups get away with the same behavior.

And I especially like the scene where the little girl use her dog’s head as her pillow.  And she looks absolutely content, lying on the floor with her dog friend.

Enjoy this tender video.

Image source:  ManuelaeHawkenf on Imgur


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