[VIDEO] Boomer The Golden Retriever In His Puppy Weeks

video golden retriever puppy Boomer

This is a sweet video of Boomer the Golden Retriever in his puppy weeks.  A very nice mix of clips featuring some of Boomer’s favorite activities.  This HAS to be a water dog, just watching the scenes at the beach, playing with the water from the garden hose, feeling comfortable on a boat, catching the wind in his face.  And the sweet moments when he sleeps his exhausted sleep.  It must be satisfying to capture the early weeks of our puppies to watch again and again.  Maybe show it to our dogs, who actually often want to interact with the dog in the videos.

Characteristics of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are the “perfect family dog.”  They love everyone.  They especially love children. They are friends with strangers and new dogs.  They don’t have strong guarding instincts, so don’t rely on them to catch a burglar, according to Vetstreet.

Dog Travel Water Bottle
Dog Travel Water Bottle

Golden retrievers really love their people.  This is not a dog who like to stay home alone.  The best owners for them are active owners–singles, couples,  or families with someone who is home during the day, and enjoy spending time with them, exercising them. This is an active dog.

They also enjoy mental games.   A Golden starts the day with one thought: what are we DOING today?  Take him out for at least an hour a day (or break it up into segments) to jog or run with you, or run alongside your bicycle. However, until he reaches age 2, keep the exercise on the gentle side.  No jumping, no jogging, no steep climbs or descents.  This will protect his body until he’s fully developed.   He can swim, walk on soft surfaces like grass, easy hikes.  You can read more about Golden Retrievers here.  Enjoy watching Boomer the Golden Retriever in his early puppy weeks.  If you enjoy this video, you might also enjoy this one.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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