[VIDEO] Border Collie Jumps Rope With Children


The Border Collie in this video is jumping rope with some children.   This was filmed in Brazil.  This dog has wonderful coordination and rhythm.  This is not the regular jump rope with only one person jumping.  There are 2 children jumping along with this Border Collie.  And the amazing part is, this athletic dog is in the front.  He is not following his human friends.  He is leading.  He is using his own sense of coordination and rhythm.  Isn’t it impressive how wonderfully coordinated some dogs are?  I read that Border Collie as a breed as a high level of energy.  That explains the stamina this dog has in the video.  Not only is this Border Collie well-coordinated, he looks totally absorbed in the fun of the game.  How wonderful!

Enjoy watching this Border Collie having fun with his friends.


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