[VIDEO] Chow Chow Puppy Bebeto Daily Life


The beautiful Chow Chow puppy in this video is Bebeto, and you are watching the daily life of this puppy.  First, puppies sleep a lot.  And Bebeto is no exception.  That’s how dogs remain so beautiful and rejuvenated.  They sleep.  A LOT.   I think it’s humorous how the videographer added the 9:05 A.M., 9:20 A.M. during the lullaby.   When Bebeto is feeling rested, he springs into action.  On the sofa, chasing bubbles, playing with his toy.  And his own stuffed toy is bigger than he is.  It’s amusing to see a dog that looks like a stuffed animal playing with his own stuffed toy.  I find it humorous that puppies, like human kids, are also drawn to watching their favorite television programs.

Enjoy watching Bebeto the beautiful Chow Chow puppy in his daily life.


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