[VIDEO] Boxer Growing Up With Little Boy

Boxer dog caring for baby

This is a video of a baby growing up with his Boxer, Brock.  Every scene in the video shows how gentle and patient Brock is with the baby.  At one point, the toddler knows how to close the bedroom door.  Brock was standing outside the bedroom and was about to enter.  The toddler closes the door, and Brock knows to back up just as the door is closing.  Brock has figured out every move the toddler makes.  And when the toddler offers his juice bottle to Brock, he knows to accept the gesture and licks the bottle.

Characteristics of a Boxer

Boxers are known to be very good with children, affectionate and loyal, according to Dog Breed Info.  This video certainly is evident of that.  They bond closely with their family.  If you socialize them properly since they are puppies, they can live together with other dogs and cats.  But if you have livestock, don’t leave your Boxer alone with them.  It’s just too tempting.

Miranda Esmonde-White DVD aging backwards
Miranda Esmonde-White DVD aging backwards

Boxer likes to use their paws.  Maybe that’s how they get their name, Boxer.  They’ll paw you, paw their toys, their food bowl.  Almost like a cat.

Boxers are energetic and athletic.  They are often used for military and police work.  They are courageous and protective of you and your family.  They’ll restrain an intruder, so they would make a great watch dog.  Do teach them not to jump on people from an early age.  Boxers need to have a strong human leader.  Have them walk beside you or behind you, not leading you.  Because they are athletic, take them out for a walk everyday so they don’t have excess energy.  Otherwise they can get high strung.  Also get in some fetch and playtime with them.  This breed can be athletic even into their old age.  You can learn more about Boxers here.

Enjoy watching how well Brock takes care of his toddler.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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