[VIDEO] Hulk The PitBull Babysitting

video PitBull babysitting

This is a video of Hulk the Pitbull babysitting for human babies and his own puppies.  There is a reason this breed has been known as the nanny dog for such a long time.  They really take their babysitting job—their nurturing and protecting job very seriously.  Look at the gentleness of giant Hulk.  And he’s got to have a sense of humor to let his human family paint him in colors of the Hulk and wearing that purpose shorts.

Hulk is part of a family that supplies protection dogs to law enforcement and high profile individuals.  An article by Villalobos Rescue Center did an excellent job in going into details about the Pitbull.  In fact, they explain that the term “Pitbull” actually does not refer to a breed.  Pitbull is a generic term referring to dogs with similar characteristics that can include American Pitbull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Pit mixes.

Characteristics of a PitBull

A Pitbull is best matched with an owner that is active, caring, and responsible.  This is a dog best matched for someone with experience around dogs (not for a first-time dog owner) and someone who has knowledge of the personality of a Pitbull.  They are very eager to please.  They respond to training very well.

As soon as they are all up to date with shots, start taking them to obedience classes.  This is a strong and powerful dog.  While they are energetic, they are also agile.

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Characteristic of the Pitbull is determination.  Once they decide to do something, they do it with heart and soul.  If it’s getting out of a poorly fenced yard, they will find a way.  If it’s getting onto your lap to shower kisses on you, they will.

They LOVE people.  They crave human attention.  They are affectionate and cuddly.  Most Pitbulls believe they are lap dogs.  When it comes to temperament, they rank among the top 5 most stable breeds in the country, according to a 2001 American Temperament Test.  You can read more about the Pitbulls here.

Enjoy watching Hulk as the nanny in this video!  If you enjoy this PitBull video, you might also enjoy this one.

Article source:  Villalobos Rescue Center


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