[VIDEO] Samoyed Puppy Chubbi With New Family

video Chubbi the Samoyed puppy

The Samoyed puppy in this video is named Chubbi.  Funny how her name came about.  When her parents met her, they saw only her fur, and thought she was a bit chubby.  Well, as it turns out, it was just her fur.  Once she’s wet down for a bath, she’s not so chubby anymore.  But the name stays.  Samoyeds are good natured.

Characteristics of a Samoyed

According to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy, Samoyeds need vigorous exercise to vent their energy, so if you live a lifestyle that does not offer that to your Sammy, they can get bored.  And when they do, they can bark non-stop and chew through things you wouldn’t want them to get their teeth on.  They can chew through drywalls, and can rearrange your backyard.

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Samoyeds were originally bred to be working dogs.  They lived with the Samoyede tribe in extremely cold climate.  They accompany their humans in all kinds of activities.  That’s why it’s important to let a Samoyed get their energy out through exercise or play.  They don’t have as much to do today as they did with the Samoyede tribe.

Samoyeds need human companionship.  If you leave them for an extended period of time, they feel unhappy and bark and chew things.  Some Samoyeds have a high-pitched bark that can set people on edge.  So don’t leave them out in the backyard unsupervised when you are not home.  Your neighbors may get really disturbed.

And since Samoyeds have an instinct to chase after anything that’s fleeing, be sure you have a securely fenced yard.

The way they greet strangers varies from individual to individual.  Some would greet strangers with a “welcome in” attitude, jumping enthusiastically.  Some would be more conservative but polite.  Most would bark to announce to you there is a stranger, but that’s about it as far as being a guard dog is concerned.  You can read more about Samoyed here.   Enjoy watching the lively Samoyed puppy Chubbi.

Article source:  Michele Welton in Your Pure Bred Puppy



  1. Anita Koning Reply

    Hey that’s funny! This Chubbi is my Chubbi, she’s is almost six years old now. The guy holding her in the picture above was her owner at that time, approx five and a half years ago,
    He left her with me for ten days but he never returned to pick her up.
    He (Bruce) is a heavy drug abuser and couldn’t take the responsibility any longer.

    Chubbi is doing very well! She is living in the Netherlands

  2. Anita Reply

    This is posted recently I see, He Bruce Adler probably had an old video laying around from Chubbi and sold it to pay of his debt to his daughter..
    This is almost funny…almost..

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